Madame Candys Gigolo Slave

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Madame Candys Gigolo Slave

When the orgy was over, Candy prompted informed Reginald that he was to move in with Lewis and her ASAP. 

"Youre going to be my whore, my gigolo, understand, slave?"

"Gigolo, /mistress/">mistress? You mean, I will have to sleep with people for money?"

"Yes, and I prefer to be called Madame, instead of Mistress, because thats what I am- a madame. I will also fuck people for cash, but I will be the boss, clear enough?"

"So, after work, I will come home and fuck with anyone who pays?"

"Not after work- this is your work. You will quit your regular job, and become a full-time gigolo for me. Oh, and you had better stop wearing underpants. They constrict the balls, and I want enough cum left for me at the end of the day. Youll get a cut of the profits, but most of it will go to me."

"So, what else will I do?"

"Nothing. Dont worry, Im not going to turn you into a house husband, or any such thing. No housework for you, since that would interfere with your job. Besides, between you, Lewis, and myself, we will have enough to hire a housekeeper."

"Okay, so my life will basically be composed of sex, sex, and more sex."

"Exactly! You will dress up for escort dates, and we will have a number specifically set up for that purpose. You will have a quota. Try to keep it, so you can stay single and keep a larger part of the money as your own. Fail me, and I will marry, then divorce you and take some of your wealth as community property. Its harsh, but Ill take my cut anyway I can."

"Youre a /pimp/">pimp."

"No, Im a madame- men are pimps, women are madames."

"Very xxx sex video download free com well. I will obey you, and earn my keep, Madame Candy."

"Good, because it is part of our income. Lewiss postal paycheck is steadier, but only goes so far."

"He is the head of the household, or you?"

"He is, and Im his second in command, so to speak. Really, he is your pimp. Im as much his whore as you are mine."

Lewis and Candy were ready for him, with a separate bedroom that had a large bed. It had a spreader bar, to keep him attached to it, whenever he was sleeping. They were not about to let their new source of income escape. Whenever they did let him out of the house, Reginald was required to carry a cell phone, so they could contact him. He also had to wear a slave collar at all times. At night, and indeed, for the most of the day, he was made to stay naked, so he could service the "janes" who paid for his favors.

Candy would fuck men in the other room, and then Lewis, coming home from his job, would call up his ladies, and fuck them for free in the /master/">master bedroom. They still paid for Reginald, though, because of his nice size dick, and his /submissive/">submissive situation. Many ladies in town liked dominating him. Sally, in particular, paid for his services more than once, just so she could humiliate him.

One day, just a couple of months into his new life, Reginald was ordered to service Mina (at a discount, of course, since she was family), and he was made to get on the bed, with the spreader bar.
His hands were restrained, followed by his ankles, and then a cockring was put on him. Connie was in the room with Mina, probably waiting for her turn.

"You wont be allowed to cum in me, but when Im done, Connie will have you, and she wants you to cum, so she can have a baby with Penny."

Reginald was groaning and straining for sure, because Mina was soon riding him for all of his strength and potency. She thrashed, moaned, screamed, sighed, and generally enjoyed herself, as the poor Reginald stayed trapped and restrained- forced to wait until Connie took him.

"Oh, God, Reginald- you really blew it! You could have had Sally, me, Connie, and several other girls, with that dick, and not been trapped into this bondage situation. Now, however, you have to do what I say, because Im the client."

He continued to groan, as the pressure on his balls intensified.
Mina was bouncing on his cock, really taking it for a ride. Finally, she came, and then promptly got off his cock, removing the cockring as she did so; it was time for Connie to fuck him. Well, he thought, at least, he would get to cum in her!

It was not to be for a while longer than he hoped, however. Connie kept him tied up, and she backed off whenever he was near /ejaculation/">ejaculation, just to prolong the torture. She hated him as much as the others, for what he had done to her niece, but she needed his seed to impregnate her.

Connie was writhing in evident pleasure, taking his /cock/big-cock/">big cock for all of the pleasure it could bring her. He was wondering when the torture could possibly end, and then she glared at him.

"Youll get to cum when you shout I want to donate sperm to a lesbian couple!."

"I want to donate sperm to a lesbian couple!"

"There, thats good! Im going to let you cum now, since I need this as much as yourself."

She clenched her vaginal muscles so tight that they felt like sexxxx video ful hd they were choking his dick, and then she loosened them up slightly, so that the combined motion and pent-up pleasure would force him to release his semen. It worked, as a ton of jizz shot upward to her womb. His sack was empty now, and his dick slumped.

"Well, thank you, Reginald, for finally doing something good for our family."

All he could do was gasp, sigh, and lie back on the back, completely drained. Connie and Mina giggled and snickered, as the latter then took her finger, scooped up some cum from Connies cunt, and licked it off, to their mutual delight. It was Reginalds last "duty" fuck of the day, so he needed to rest before he had to suck Lewiss cock and fuck Candy, keeping her satisfied until Lewis was in the mood for her.

To be continued...