Collage student gets its

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Collage student gets its

"Uh, young money. Yeah. I know way to many people here right now..." Is what I hear, as I walk into the apartment I'm sharing with my best bud Kyle. We're both freshman in /college/">college, though he skipped two grades, so really he should be fucking with /tits/big-tits/">big tits high school girls not mature college /women/">women. He should be working with playboy with his skills.

Women want him, Dudes wish they were him. Or they want him too. Kyles figure is... well womanly. He has a flat chest and no belly kinda the skinny kid. But hes got a great ass. His thighs curve up to a perfectly slim body makes the boys in the hallways get rock hard. Because he skipped all those grades (I've seen personally) his hair is all in one spot.

I bet if you closed your eyes and fucked him, you'd think you went with a /brunette/">brunette. But I digress. I meet kyle in 9th grade. I just moved into a new house and was really lonely so I went over to the neighbors house and introduced myself. Kyle came to the door. "Hello can I help you?" He said. Those 5 words echo in our friendship. Since then I have seen him mature in manhood.

So I can take him. Now that wwwxxx we're in college I can take it to the next level. Making a bold move I sneak up to him cooking. I thrust my wood right in his checks. "Hey Ryan." A sexy song plays on the radio. As we grind in the kitchen we move to the living room. I turn off the radio. "Kyle I want you." I whisper. "I want you too." He unzipped my pants. 7 inches of throbbing comes out.

He sucks hungrily, wanting my pre. Sometimes I have to push his head down to remind him what he's sucking on. This goes on for thirty something minutes, I wasn't keeping track. Finally as I get closer to cumming I start thanking and asking god for my forgiveness. "That was good... but I want you inside of me. And don't be gentle, I want you to break my virgin ass."

" Yes sir." I twist him on his back and start fingering him and sucking his at the same time. "God yes. FUCK yes. Harder, (ahh) fetter, (go damnit), faster, stronger." I can't even laugh over the intense fucking. Every time I slid in it feels better. He pushes off the couch and holds me. We make out and make love at the the same time. Fucking poetic. After I cum inside him I go on him doggy style.

With each push Kyle lifts his butt up a little until the wwwxxx we both arched like feral cats. I wonder why he hasn't cam yet, so I push harder and go balls deep, in and out. He's hurting now but the pleasure is better, so I go on. Soon he starts squirting everywhere. I pull out cumming over his skinny jeans. He notices and laughs "you /naughty/naughty-boy/">naughty boy, look what you've done. After resting I told Kyle I loved him. And I fucked him again.