Drunk college Student got more than he bargained for

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Drunk college Student got more than he bargained for

Ryan was with his buddies drinking at a near by Billiards bar, when he received a text from his /girlfriend/">girlfriend. cant wait too see you next week included with a nude picture. Now Ryan had been without sex for almost a month as they were attending different schools in different cities.

Ryan had a long walk home, and was so horny he remembered one of his bi friends had told him about a discreet web-site he could find quick easy blow jobs from other men online, now Ryan wasnt gay but he really needed a release and figured if he closed his eyes and pretended it was his /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend he would be alright.

Minutes from home he got a reply from an add he posted seeking discreet blow and go no strings attached, with an address and stats of the male, saying come to the side door down some stairs on the left side of the house. when Ryan got too the house he paid the cab driver and walked to the side of the house he was shaking from the cold weather or maybe from the fact he was about to venture into the unknown. He knocked on the door, A voice from inside said come in Ryan stepped inside it was dark he couldnt see anything except for a candle and a dark figure on the couch. the man said come sit. Ryan took off his shoes and went and sat with the man on the couch. The man was tall kind of chubby much bigger than Ryan but thats all he could make out.

The man said Im Cliff Nice to meet you Ryan didnt want to use a real name, fear of people finding out and said his name was mike. Cliff then said well mike how do you want to this, what kind of porn do you like Ill put some on for you, you seem nervous Relax. Ryan then said it didnt matter anything was good Im too drunk to care. Cliff then qued up what he had been watching before Ryan had arrived. and started Rubbing Ryans cock through his pants, it wasnt long before cliff was unzipping his pants and pulling out Ryans 4 inch soft cock. Ryan was enjoying the porn it was bi-sexual porn helped him feel more comfortable with a man sucking his cock, cliff could notice Ryan moaning and slurring words like deeper, faster.

Ryan was fully erect about 7 inches cut and Cliff was taking his cock with ease Ryan then got the hiccups and Cliff really knew how drunk he was and started to take advantage of it, Cliff unzipped his pants xxx and out Sprung an at least 9 Inch cock with about 3 inches of girth. Ryans eyes Sprang to the beautiful dick, He didnt know what to say or make of the situation now, his hiccups grew strong, Then Cliff said I have just the cure for that. Have you ever sucked cock before, Cliff asked. And before Ryan could finish saying no, Cliff grabbed the back of Ryans head and shoved his /cock/big-cock/">big cock down Ryans Throat.

Ryan was gagging on the /cock/large-cock/">large cock but wasnt resisting he had been too horny from the amazing head Cliff was giving him. Ryan started to get the hang of it using his hand to cover half the cock so he could use the other half for his mouth Cliff was muttering "thats a /cock/good-cock/">good cock sucker, Suck daddys cock". Then Ryan started to really to get turned off he liked being called a cock sucker, as Ryan got more into it so did Cliff not long before Ryan felt Cliffs big hangs running down Ryans back reaching near his ass Ryan then stopped and said what are you doing. Cliffs Response was whatever I was he then Grabbed Ryan by the scruff of the neck pull him right off the couch, Ryan was /scared/">scared at this point.

Cliff forced Ryan down the hall into a room what Ryan could only assume was Cliffs bed room he through Ryan on the bed, Ryan to drunk too properly fight the much larger man off. Cliff spread Ryans ass and started to lick and twirl his tongue into Ryans virgin hole. Ryan was muttering stop and and shouting in pain, not even the alcohol could numb the pain of Cliffs large tongue and fingers forcing there way into his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. Ryan then felt cold lubricant being poured on his ass and he knew what was coming he fought but Cliff was just to big, He then felt the 9 inch porn videos download cock forcing its way in. Ryan was screaming at this point he was sure the neighbors would hear Cliff said stop fighting it boy itll feel good soon.

Ryan could feel every inch inside it was burning not in such a /bad/">bad way anymore but still uncomfortable then Cliff got closer and started kissing the back of Ryans neck like his girlfriend would do Ryan noticed his dick starting to stiffen again and the cock inside him to start feeling well not great but not bad either. Cliff then asked if Ryan would like to lay on his back and be fucked that way. Ryan nodded and with a few more pumps from Cliff, he pulled out and flipped Ryan over with ease, Cliff then noticed Ryan was hard and said see boy its not so bad, Cliff then shoved his giant cock back in hard, Ryan was in Pain again for and instant but went back to feeling it to be pleasurable Ryan started to moan, He had no idea another mans dick could feel so good in his ass.

Ryan looked up at Cliff, He could now see the /bear/big-bear/">big bear in front of him the moon was giving just enough light that he could now tell Cliff was much older than him had to been in his early 40s This actually turned Ryan on more, He began to say yes daddy /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. Cliff noticed Ryan looking at him reached down let go of Ryans legs and grabbed his face leaned forward and kissed Ryan, Ryan was at the point now where he didnt care, he opened his mouth and started to make out with Cliff. Ryan could feel his cock pulsing without it even being touched, Ryan said Im going to cum, Im going to cum! Cliff then stopped everything and said not yet boy, Will come together. Cliff pulled out of Ryans ass and said lay the other way on the bed we will 69 and finish one another off. Ryan once reluctant to suck cock practically jumped to lay the other way and suck the beautiful 9" cock.

Ryan Grabbed the cock with one hand and Cliffs ass with the other and started too suck, he was really trying to please his daddy at this point, Cliff started with Ryans ball he must not of wanted Ryan too Cum too quick as Cliff was an expert Cock sucker. Ryan Started Licking the Shaft top to bottom and started to mimic what Cliff was doing too Ryans balls.

Ryan was glad to hear Cliff mutter ohh thats good boy just like that. Cliff then began to Take Ryans whole cock, and began playing with his ass again as Ryan attempted to Swallow Cliffs cock with little luck. Ryan shortly began to feel Cliffs dick pulse, that sent Ryan into overdrive he sucked with all his might and jerked with the other hand fast and short, until he felt 6 or 7 shots of pure /sweet/">sweet cum into his mouth Ryan was shocked as of how much there was but he was too horny he just swallowed it all he was relieved it didnt taste as bad as he thought it would he kind of liked it. Cliff then got up and started sucking Ryan like never before.

He was taking the hole thing and licking Ryans balls all at once it wasnt long before Ryan, started to moan oh daddy Im going to come for the second time that night. Ryan Shot 5 long hard pulses into cliffs mouth. Cliff didnt say anything Ryan was trembling from the pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy that he was still shaking from the unbelievable orgasm, cliff leaned forward for what Ryan thought was another make out, as Ryan opened his mouth cliff shoved his tongue down his throat and with it Ryans entire load.

He couldnt believe they were now making out with his load and he was loving ever minute of it. Ryan and Cliff both swallowed whatever was left and Cliff said lets do this again some time Ryan agreed put on his cloths and left. On the walk home Ryan was soar not very drunk anymore more like slightly buzzed but was also feeling ashamed and was questioning him self now. Will Ryan go back.