FWI Discovering Electro Sex

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
FWI Discovering Electro Sex

I am a fan of electro sex and my "Tens" is my companion. I have an object that I am not sure what it was made for but it is made of smooth steel and is about the size of a large goose egg and has a tube about 8 inches long at one end. As I am always on the look out for new things to use as /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys I was so glad to find this one.

As I discovered early on in life that one of my biggest turn ons is a bit of conservative pain during my wanking. And amazingly it was some time before I realized that I had nipples! Wow, what an added delight. As I clamp two of the electrodes to each white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie nipple ,and this is where a person can get inventive. The other two wires hook (one to the /anal/anal-toy/">anal toy) and the other to my penis) thus completing the connection of the other two wires. The intensity of the moment always builds as I know what is to follow.

I then insert the anal toy and always enjoy pushing it in and out a few times before leaving it in. Then I choose the toy of my choice (as I have many) to secure to my penis. (Some insert into my urethra and some fit snug onto the head of my penis.) Note: the "TENS" unit sends out a very small and harmless electrical impulse that causes a tingling sensation when engaged.(runs on a 9 volt battery). BELIEVE ME YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!.

I like to stat out by turning on the juice to my nipples and as I reach a certain point I stop and enjoy the tingle stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv sensation and pump myself and work my anal toy in and out and in a back and forth motion.

Then when I am about to cum I stop and turn the other knob and just slowly keep turning both a little more as the "tingle" intensifies then it pushes you to the point of the most intense orgasm you will ever encounter! Trust me, try it!